What is silent disco?

What is a silent disco, you wonder? It changes the way people live and play.  A new way to enjoy music or sound in more fashion and enjoyable way. And It’s a party without vibrating, loud, speakers. None of that. Instead, it will provide you with wireless headphones to hear the music played by the live sound. If you are looking for a different kind of music/sound listening experience, the silent disco is best option.

|   How does the silent disco arise?

The idea was stolen from a Finnish science fiction film in 1969, in which the characters wore headphones at a party. Yet the first real silent party was only in 1999 at a festival in Texas. The concept did not really break through at that time. It became really popular when a Dutch artist hosted an enormous silent dance party in Chicago in 2002. Since then, the silent parties have sprouted out like mushrooms and you can find them at festivals all over the world, but also at small-scale parties.


|   Where can I find a silent disco?


Partygoers wear headphones and get to switch from 3 channels of music. Go as loud or as low as you like. Once your headphones on you can dance away or take them off and watch how everyone else dances and sings along.




Relax outdoors with audio guided meditation using Silent Headphone technology. From group yoga classes, to dance classes and other experiences this wellness journey will provide you the ultimate in relaxation.




"People were able to hear and experience exactly what the speaker of their choice had to say, as well as enjoying an unrivaled choice of engagements - all without making a sound."




Silent Disco – wonderful silent disco equipment, perfect for entertaining your guests and solving those pesky noise restriction problems!



- Besides this, you will find it widely used in Festivals, simultaneous translation, guided tours, professional exhibitions, concerts, general public events…etc.

|   How does the silent disco work?

If the silent disco technology is quite new to you, here is a normal question you might ask yourself - “ How do silent disco headphones work? ” Well, I have some of ideas to share with you but it’s better to start from the basics.

Silent party headphones may comprise one or three transmitters along with power units. You will need a set of cables for the transmitter (s), as well as a 3.5 mm jack-jack cable for connecting a laptop, an MP3 player, or an iPhone to the transmitter.

You will also require a jack-phono adapter for connecting the transmitter to a CD player, a television, or an amplifier.



Basic steps to set up a silent disco system
- Step 1,  you need wireless headphones, transmitters and audio sources.
- Step 2,  you need to connect the power adapter and audio source (like iphone, Tv, CD players…etc) to the transmitter. 
- Step 3,  Power on the transmitters, switch to one of the preset channels (CH1/CH2/CH3…). If you have multiple transmitters then you need to ensure they are on separate channels.
- Step 4,  Press play on your audio sources and power on your headphone, the headphone will auto-scan the signal sending from the transmitter. Once get connected, enjoy the music!!

Learn more trough our Youtube Videos.

If you feel that sound is too loud or low, you can switch the volume button on the headphone to adjust the most suitable volume you need. PRETTY COOL, Right?

|  What benefits does the silent disco have? 

There are lots of benefits of using the silent disco headphones, take silent disco parties for example.

- Talk when you want, dance when you want.
Ever lost your voice after screaming your lungs out while taking to friends at a lound party? No such worries with silent discos where you can talk when you want, dance when you want.

- Experience audiophile grade and sound quality
Quality sound and a music-filled party never have to be mutually exclusive any more. In a silent disco party, you can experience your favourite music at audiophile grade sound quality.

- No place is out of bounds for a silent party
Finding the right location for a party can be difficult, except when it’s a silent disco. The rooftop, living room, garage or even the library, no place is out of bounds for hosting a silent party.

- Change the channel if you don’t like the song
Waiting for the DJ to play your favourite genres/tracks is a thing of the past. At silent disco parties, all you need to do is dial a different channel and get your freak on.

- Party and have fun beyond the wee hours
Do you want to host an all-night party at home? Or want to attend a party that doesn’t wind up at midnight? With silent discos you can jive till you dive, even if takes the entire night.

- Silent parties are the coolest thing in town. 
There’s no other way to put it but silent parties are fun. They let you listen to great music at high quality, socialize with friends, meet new people and most of all, try something new.

Heart beating? Get in touch with us now, and we’ll help advise what it takes to plan a perfect silent disco. Your any questions will get our professional solutions. It’s our goal to work with you to make sure what you get exactly what you want.



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