Silent Headphone Party Equipment | Silent Headphone Party Near Me

Silent Headphone Party Equipment | Silent Headphone Party Near Me

Silent Headphone| 500Meters LED Light Wireless Headphone for Silent Disco Headphone Party, Silent Headphone Parties |Silent Disco Headphone Hire

With our unique real HD audio technology, It's easy to have a music event outdoors where it's statistically much safer. No need for guests to shout (and potentially spit) over the loud sound system, just take off headphones and chat.

No guilt trips from corona-moaners wanting a tighter lockdown.


  • Comfortable over-ear design;
  • Great audio quality;
  • Long battery life;
  • Looks nice with LED lights;
  • Good value for the price.
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15Year+ Silent Disco Headphone Manufacturer; Factory Space: 1500㎡; 100 Production Staff; 10+ Senior Engineers; 90, 000PCS+ monthly output;

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Silent Disco Headsets; Silent Disco Transmitters; TV Wireless Headphones; Bodypack Audio Receivers; Wireless Microphones; Infrared Headphone System

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Design Patent Granted CE FCC etc Certified 100% Goods Inspection 15Month Warranty

Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co. Ltd. (INDA®) is the CHINA leading SILENT DISCO company in developing and manufacturing silent disco equipment, TV wireless headphones, infrared headphones since 2007, with CE, ROHS, FCC certified & insured.

With over 15 years of experience, our silent disco system has been widely using in more than 120+ areas worldwide. Be it trial order or mass order, each customer will be taken good care of...

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How to Throw a Successful Silent Disco Headphone Party?

Throwing a silent headphone party doesn't have to be stressful or complicated. The key to throwing a successful silent disco party is in preparation, and purchasing high quality silent disco headphones from a trusted silent headphone factory INDA which is more than 15 years experiences on manufacturing silent disco headphone system.

The popularity of Silent Headphone Parties is continuously growing, making it convenient (and comfortable) for everyone involved to get up and dance! With customizable volume controls, individual music preferences, and a sensory-friendly environment, silent disco is truly suitable for everyone. Throwing a silent  disco headphone  party may seem a little intimidating at first, but we promise it's super easy. If you can set up a DVD player, you can set up our silent headphone party equipment! 

How to Throw a Successful Silent Disco Headphone Party?

How does Silent Headset achieve wireless connectivity and audio transmission?

Silent headset uses wireless Bluetooth technology to connect to audio sources and transmit audio. First, the audio source transmits audio signals through Bluetooth to the receiver of the Silent headset. Next, the receiver converts the received audio signal into an electrical signal, which is transmitted wirelessly to the Silent headset worn on the ear. Finally, Silent headphones convert electrical signals into audio signals, allowing users to hear music or sound. This wireless connection and audio transmission method is not only convenient, but also reduces the use of cables, making the Silent Headset more portable and free, allowing users to enjoy music and sound anytime and anywhere.

How does Silent Headset achieve wireless connectivity and audio transmission?

Why can your mute headphones provide a better mute disco experience?

The Silent Rave Headphone is a premium wireless headphone with superior sound quality, features, and a lightweight design. Synced LEDs show the channel you're tuned into, and offer an exciting light-experience in the dark. The rechargeable batteries offer 8-10 hours of non-stop fun, so you can have a silent disco headphone party anywhere you can imagine. Except underwater.

Why can your mute headphones provide a better mute disco experience?

Factors You Should Consider While Buying Silent Disco Headphone System

Here are 3 important factors you should consider while buying Headphone for Silent Party or Silent Headphone Party Equipment:

1. Types of Headphones: Over-the-Ear or On-Ear

On the one hand, on-ear headphones sit on your ears and do not cover them completely. And, on the other hand, over-the-ear headphones cover your ears completely. Therefore, it's up to you to decide which type of headphones you want.

2. Number of Audio Channels

Silent headphone typically comprise 3 or 5 channels. headphones with 3 channels perform better in the case of low-frequency audio and provide you with a plethora of options to listen to your favorite music based on your requirements. Therefore, bass-heavy tracks sound better with 3-channel silent disco headphone system. With 3-channel headphones you can enjoy music played by 3 different DJs in the party. Isn't it so cool?

3.IR or RF

Two technologies are primarily responsible for the functioning of wireless headphones: Infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF). Also, both technologies come with their share of advantages and disadvantages. 

IR headphones deliver phenomenal audio output. However, they do not work as effectively as RF headphones when the transmission distance is more. IR headphones typically support a transmission direct line distance of less than 10 meters. Also, their ability to reduce external noises is great. Therefore, if your silent party venue is small and the transmitter is in the same room as the party, you can buy IR headphones. Meanwhile pls take care it is direct line distance, not 360 degree distance.

However, if the silent party venue is huge, you should buy RF silent headphone. The audio quality delivered by these headphones is also quite good. Moreover, they are also effective in reducing external disturbances. Also, RF silent party headphones can be used to receive radio transmission (you won't find this feature in IR headphones). Therefore, RF silent disco headphones are more preferred than IR headphones.

Factors You Should Consider While Buying Silent Disco Headphone System
User Reviews

What users say about Changyin

Great customer service ...... quality product!! Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co. manufactured these new logo caps for our silent disco headsets! They turned out great! Customs was a pain to work with, but Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co. was timely throughout the process. We look forward to doing more business with this company in the near future.

Demel Junor,United States

Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co. kept in constant contact, the silent disco headset was done before the time that was promised ad shipped on time. Shipping was fast and the quality of the items outperformed my expectations. I never expected the transmitters to be rechargeable. I have not had the chance to test how long the batteries last on the headphones but the noise canceling capability and sound quality are very good.

Demel Junor,United States

We have ordered the headphones for silent disco many times and always been very satisfied!

Tom Mudie, United Kingdom

Everything is ok! The Service is professional and all transaction was easy and short! I ordered 100pcs silent disco headsets and three silent disco transmitters, the factory finished production and shipped out within one week, I’m more than pleased...

Pawel Pudlow, Poland

It was my first time to buy disco silent headphones from China directly...The sales girl took very good care of me... I will buy again from Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co. in near future!

Jourdan frederic, France

My friend introduced me to Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co., their silent disco system is great! I love the LED lights design so much, and the sound is crystal clear...

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One of the best parts of a silent headphone parties is everyone can listen to their music channel of choice. If you have multiple DJs, or even just multiple MP3 players, you can stream up to 3~5 stations, letting your guests pick their favorite to dance to.

Silent disco headphone party is the most fun you can have without going deaf. Seriously! You can party all night long to the music of your choice, at your preferred volume level. No speakers mean no noise disturbance for your neighbors, or feeling like you need to "step out" for a break from all the music. Simply pop the headphones off, and hangout until you are ready to jump back on the dance floor.

Silent headphones are headphones that use active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to reduce or eliminate unwanted ambient sounds. They work by using microphones to capture the external noise and generating an opposite sound wave (anti-noise) to cancel it out before it reaches the ear. Silent headphones can create a quieter and more immersive listening experience for the user.

They can block out distracting noises and improve concentration or relaxation . They can enhance the sound quality and clarity of music or other audio sources . They can protect the hearing from loud noises and reduce the need to increase the volume .

There are many factors to consider when choosing silent headphones, such as: The type and design of the headphones, such as over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear . Different types may offer different levels of noise cancellation, comfort, portability, and sound quality. The battery life and charging options of the headphones . Some headphones may have longer battery life or faster charging than others, or may support wireless charging or USB-C charging. The sound quality and features of the headphones . Some headphones may have better sound quality or more features than others, such as adjustable ANC levels, ambient sound mode, equalizer settings, voice assistant support, or Bluetooth connectivity. The price and warranty of the headphones . Some headphones may be more affordable or offer better value than others, or may have longer or more comprehensive warranty coverage.

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